Her drawling vocal is an arrow of truth”

Music Row Magazine

"It's the arresting story of letting go and conquering old habits, not the liberal doses of steel guitar and fiddle, that make Joyce's "Tulsa" stand out in a crowded marketplace." 
-Wide Open Country, August 2022

Marlboro Reds & Motel Rooms

debut ep

"I used to like Oklahoma, Marlboro Reds, and Motel Rooms..." sings Stefanie on "Tulsa,” a meditative, pedal-steel-laced ballad on her debut EP. "Marlboro Reds & Motel Rooms'' is a collection of songs that tell five stories of sin, redemption, and everything in between. Produced by Kyle Manner at Station West Studios in Nashville, dripping with steel and fiddle, the EP showcases Joyce's vintage, gritty sound, with plenty of stripped back moments to let her lyrics shine through. The lead single, “Idle Hands” has already amassed over a half-million views on TikTok.
While Joyce counts red dirt music and bluegrass as major influences, her years spent penning songs for other artists on Music Row give a distinctly Nashvillian clarity to her writing. But don't let this fool you into thinking the album is a folksy take on feel-good radio music. The subject matter is dark; the characters in her songs are fallen, desperate, consumed with vice. Some find elusive moments of redemption, most do not.

Short bio

Steeped in the tradition of country and folk music, with a distinctly contemporary, cinematic edge, Stefanie Joyce’s songs tell stories in images as much as sounds, weaving tightly crafted tales of sin, redemption, and everything in between. Stefanie grew up in British Columbia and moved to Nashville in 2017. After four years of penning songs for other artists (such as Mary-Heather Hickman's viral hits "Baptist Parking Lot" and "Treasure"), she decided to embark on her own artist project, a rootsy, edgy collection of songs inspired by her love of classic country storytelling, red-dirt music, and a propensity to write things that "make people uncomfortable." Her debut EP, "Marlboro Reds & Motel Rooms," was released Summer 2022.

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