Custom Songwriting

I love writing custom songs for fans and clients. I use my four years of experience as a songwriter on Music Row to create the best custom song for you, with a heartfelt, personal approach and warm acoustic tones. From birthdays to anniversaries to life milestones, a custom song is a perfect gift for any occasion. We start with a consultation call/email where you tell me about your story and your musical taste, and then I use these notes to write and record a unique, one-of-a-kind  song for you! Check out some testimonials below, and email me at to schedule a call!

I approached Stefanie with a heavy ask – to write a song about my husband’s experience as an ICU doctor throughout COVID. Despite the unorthodox subject matter, she accepted the challenge enthusiastically. I had never hired a songwriter before Stefanie, and I had no idea what to expect. She overwhelmed me in how she honored my husband’s experience. Stefanie wrote a beautiful song that both contextualizes my husband’s service while also keeping it very personal. Stefanie is an ideal collaborator, excellent listener, but most importantly, a beautiful communicator of story. I heartily recommend commissioning a song from her.”

— Renee Dinsmore

Graphic Design

Need an album cover designed? A show poster? A complete set of coordinated graphics and banners for your social media? I got you covered! Check out some of my work below, and email me at  to get in touch!

Marketing and Consultation

Aside from launching successful marketing campaigns and designing release strategies for my own music, I have worked with artists such as Mary Heather Hickman, Brittany Moore, Kimberly Atwood, and Tommy O'Keeffe on everything from art direction and branding to release strategies and PR. Whether you need a simple bio written, a press kit designed, or more in-depth help with marketing a single or project, I'd be happy to help! Check out some of my work below, and email me at  to get in touch.